About Us

Southwest Animal Rescue Fund, Inc. (SWARF) is dediccopy-swarf-logo-teal-box.jpgated to relieving the suffering of homeless animals (primarily dogs) in New Mexico.  We are a small group of staff and volunteers who have been operating our thrift store and caring for animals since 2011.

Southwest Animal Rescue Fund, Inc. (SWARF) is a New Mexico non-profit corporation and 501(c)(3) that funds animal rescue through its unique thrift store, Secondhand Treasures, in the Village of Corrales.

Address: 4627 Corrales Road, Corrales, NM 87048


Where Our Funds Go

  • We provide funds and in-kind contributions to NM rescue groups that rescue animals that would otherwise die. These groups provide veterinary care, foster care and permanent adoption placement.
  • We provide financial assistance to the Spay/Neuter Coalition of New Mexico and in-kind contributions to Animal Humane New Mexico.
  • We provide funds to Planned Pethood International in Conifer Colorado.
  • We have sent emergency funds via IFAW to Ukraine, Syria and Maui.
  • We provide hospice care for terminally ill animals and sanctuary care for unadoptable animals.
  • We support a private person who rescues stray dogs on a NM reservation.  We have those animals spayed/neutered and vaccinated and we provde hundreds of pounds of food monthly.
100% of cash donations and 100% of our thrift store profits are used for medical expenses, food, supplies, and services for the animals. We also collect clean blankets, towels, comforters, pet beds, new and used crates, puppy pens, baby gates etc. and distribute them to our associated rescue groups. (we cannot accept open or expired packages of pet food.)
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